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RXF -“Design Award”of Automotive Brand Contest

2019/12/21 14:27
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Dear customers,
Good news!
RXF Elite S racing dirt bike from China Apollo, complete with the international first-line brand KTM,Husqvarna and other brands and won the “Design Award” in 2019 International Automotive Brand Contest hold by German Design Council. 
As an entry-level preferred small-displacement off-road vehicle, it is upgraded on the basis of the Original RFZ models to create a high-end professional-grade competitive RXF. RXF has won many championships in international competitions: 
2019 Russia Motocross Racing                        Championship
2018 France Motocross Racing                        Championship
2017 Columbia Motocross Racing 125cc team               Championship 
2016 Russia Motocross Racing Junior Class               Championship
2016 Russia Motocross Racing Open 125cc                 Second place
2016 Russia Motocross Racing Open 14/12                Third place 
If you have any intention to become the distributor of RXF in your local country, please feel free to contact our sales people to discuss the annual qty, brand operation plan and etc. Apollo warmly welcome you to be our exclusive distributors and have a win-win situation.
Best Regards
Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co.,ltd