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2015-04-27 16:38:00 - ZheJiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.

O'lala, the VENENO in world-class sports car of two wheels

O'lala is born with blue blood; it has the pure French descent; the French APOLLO design team spent three years building the world-class sports car of two wheels in scooter; once available, everyone falls in love like Irresistible VENENO.

The design conception of O'lala is based on the convenient use, environment caring, and innovation throughout the minimalism JOBS always admires, pays attention to the detail design principles to build the only one electric scooter in the sports car of two wheels in luxury world.

O'lala, the legend of two-wheeled sport car brought a stir once appear at canton fair(117th)

Has an honor to be invited to the megagame of 2015 Canton Fair Design Awards (CF)

---------Apollo officially transforms from made in China to made with wisdom

A. The 117th spring Canton fair, the traffic as expected was less term after term ,but Apollo made the best of all time. In this exhibition, we sent out all catalog within 2days, finished all name cards within 3days.

B.   "Could you give me sole agent?" this was the one most frequently uttered. 12 innovations of O'lala,let world see the Chinese creativity in the scooter,also won the highest praise.

C. "APOLLO"E-BIKE,Improving the overall design,European quality,reasonable prices,three magic weapons to attract the consistent high praise and recognition.

1. SMART05 the shape leader and highest performance ratio in the folding bicycle.cheering civilians up with $399 price and upgrade configuration.

2. Slim12 & Passion16 are designed for low profile,but really attracted the customers eyes.

3. Mars M2,the first Middle motor mountain bike of Apollo.Thumbs Up; offer immediately,Confirm the shipment details,these were the responses after every client testing.

Apollo electric strategic planning:Investing $2 million on new product research and development in 2015-2020 And be the top five electric bicycles exporter,the first manufacturer in new product research and development.

D.  APOLLO Dirt Bike and ATV have always been the industry leader,Just like our team, always maintained high quality, high appearance and high performance ratio.With 3H,we gain the customers deeply love.

E. Apollo team.

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